Why have I chosen to become a dating coach?


Let me begin by saying that when I first started dating at age 16, I failed miserably with women, and that failure continued for years and got progressively worse. I did and said all the wrong things and made every mistake a man could make, and then some.
Being a handsome guy and well-built (I was a professional fitness model), this was not an easy pill for me to swallow. I saw men who were less attractive, who had no money, yet who somehow were more successful with attractive women. It was slowly killing me. Because of my devastating failure with women, on a few occasions, I thought seriously about taking my own life. Night after night, I returned home from bars and clubs feeling disheartened, angry, and frustrated. Finally, I broke down, cried a lot, and made a firm decision that changed the course of my life.

I decided to redirect my pain, anger, and frustration into learning how to improve with women and dating. I absolutely couldn’t continue to live with that kind of social failure, especially with women.


I have coached hundreds of men who were once complete failures with women & dating. They now APPROACH and DATE beautiful women with bullet proof-confidence all the time


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